American Murder Ballads

by Scamps

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All songs by S.C.A.M.P.S.
Recorded by Alec Rodriguez at New Alliance Audio
and Mastered by Nick Z at New Alliance East
Cambridge, Ma
Artwork by Michael W Conrad


released May 22, 2017

Mickey - Drums
Jeff-O - Bass
SD - Guitar, Vocals, Piano, Harp



all rights reserved


Scamps Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Bad Sign
Suns Gone and the fires brimming
My nerves are all burned from the heat from the kitchen
This aint the first time
Death March to the choir singing
Running all night from the grave I've been digging
This is a bad sign

And I dont know where Ill go or what this is
Im a wanderer wandering wondering
If this is all there is
Im on the sideline swinging wishing for all the truth to be dished
But I could give a shit

Side step blast from the grass
where the shots were left out ringing
Head down, eyes closed, mouth shut
is the message that they're bringing
Surrounded by the charlatans and the well wishers
Sharpening the swords with words that lead to the swinging

And I dont care where Ill go or what this is
Im a wanderer wandering wondering if this is all there is
Im on the sideline swinging, And I got nothing to give
But I could give a shit
Track Name: Santa Fe
Well I made my way down to Santa fe,
with my favorite gun in my hand
I was running from the law, I couldn't get caught,
Cause Im always one step ahead
I saw her sitting there, she met me with a stare
We danced at a quarter past ten
And by midnight, We had made it out of sight
I stole the car from her old man
But i didn't kill the fool, I kept it cool
I left him hogtied to the stand
Took his money and his drugs, His guns and his love
Cause sometimes I'm a pretty good man
Well we made one more stop, right down the block
To fill up that tank and can
My honey grabbed the money, I thought it was funny
I laughed hard as I handcuffed the man

Well we were flying through the city, and she's looking pretty
The top down for her hair
we were feeling psychotic, chewing dilaudid, Boy we did't care
I said "Hey little lady, You wanna go crazy?
Let's have some fun tonight"
Were gonna drag race the car, smoke up the tar,
Then hit the bar For a fight
We were six shots deep when they turned up the heat
I drank all the beer they would fill
And with money in my hand, I didn't even care
I punched some guy just to skip on the bill
And gave my girl a shout before the whole brawl broke out
We snuck out a door in the back,
Stopped in the Alley, started to dally,
And then got right back on track

Well we went and got the gas the we had in the back
Of the car from earlier before
I grabbed some chains fro the trunk, and a big metal hunk,
It was a lock for the front and back door
I poured the gas on the bar, and the owners car
I lit a stick for a little flair
And through the glow of the night,
I could see the timing was right
To say "I love you", But I wouldn't dare
So now the fire is roaring, and emotions are soaring,
Im feeling like a pretty lucky man
So I got in the car, I gunned it real far,
I left her with the can of gas in her hand..
Track Name: Death Express
They're running fast, and flying free
I got the devil on my back I hope that god can see
That I been running, but only running out of luck
Cause sometimes the fastest flames burn the brightest
So if you see me coming, around the bend
Don't ask for me, no message send
Don't call for me, leave me in my spot
Don't ask my name i say forget me, forget-me- not

I trust my vision to tell me what to do
Cause if I can't believe in that I can't believe in you
And I been known, known t roam
Im like the river that runs from where the source flows
Don't know why I want you, Just know I do
Sometimes the worst ideas are the only ones that are true
Im on my knees, my stomachs in knots,
Don't ask me why I say forget me, forget-me-not
Track Name: P.C.D.S.
Sit down here waiting for you, we're all alone with nothing to do
And the shades been drawn as the days go on as they please
There's darkness swelling out across the land,
You hear the cries of the living dead
And the more you know, the less you'll grow to them

Im no robot in this, cannibalistic, suicidal race
Im just a misfit, Im a drifter, leave me in my place

I see the sinners waiting for gods plan
Passing judgment cursing the damned
But then they'll learn that the fire won't burn for them
The world is slipping out through there hands
Like gasping moments drowning in the sand
And If you let them go, then you'll know if they swim

The masks been lifted, The systems shifted,
Your life sold down the drain
But the day will come, they're on the run
And then they'll feel your pain

I been dodging all the shit they lobbing my way
And they're defending all the trends they display
When all you seeks the truth, but all you gets the blues
Let paranoia destroy all the things in your way
Track Name: Bowie
Horizons rising, I got my eyes mining,
Im feeling fine I know that mine is on the way
She's steady style, she got crooked wiles
That drag my heart with hook and shook along the way
Now I been waiting way to long, to sing out the same old song
and hear the band ring out, once again
Ill add a verse to move along,
to waste the day with one more song
And earn my X upon the wall

And I don't know if Ill do right with this time
I could waste it all and never think twice
I keep in mind I know some day that I might find
with my 3rd eye, Peace of mind of my design inside,
and let it go away
Track Name: 444 (Poor Song)
Coming on down from the other side of town
And I didn't leave 'til my pockets were filled
I went back to my pad and
grabbed my little lad
Had my wife pack up our till
We were skipping on the rent,
cause the moneys all been spent
And i aint had a job in a while
I lost it back then, and I remember when,
I didn't mind wearing a smile

Running down the track and I started thinking back
To where all my troubles began
I had one on the way, so what could I say,
signed up to work for the man
But then one day they said "your jobs going away"
I asked if there was anything I could do?
They said
"Its really quite funny,
cause we're making lots of money,
We just don't give a shit about you"
So I started to steal and rob,
cause it was better than getting a job
Where your treated like dog in the shit
Im gonna make my own way, go about my day,
Cause there aint even work to quit

So here I stand, with no real good plan, just an empty sky ahead
I'd kill any man or fight any clan, to keep my poor family fed
Cause Im a hurt scared animal, turned thief to a cannibal
Backed in the corners again
And Ill be swinging like wild, cause Im the last natural child
with only God to judge my sins
Track Name: Letter
This is your letter my friend
I hope it finds you warm, and well faired
sometimes I fear we've lost it all, I'd do it again
Thats why this is your letter my friend

The worlds gone cold to my prayer,
The days are long and gone, and worn thin
Don't know if we'll talk the next time I see you again
Thats why this is your letter my friend

Don't ask me why, I don't know

This is your letter my friend,
The sad songs and lonely knights will be with me 'til the end
You say I should stay, but I don't know where
Thats why this is your letter my friend
Track Name: Fade away
Just remember when you get sad,
life can be good even when it's bad
and it's all just a game we play
There's a time for rhyme and reason,
through all the different seasons
maybe next time your feelings will change
You were always on my mind, getting lost all the time
I think about your voice everyday
If i wrote the words for you, Id let my feelings show right through
but now its all changed

And maybe you'll just pick up that line,
show me that you still have the time
To prove you'll never fade away

Now that Im getting a little older, The world is getting colder,
My last thoughts aren't so far away
from the feelings that are coming,
and the days that I spent running
to the next spot that's not the same
I wish I held your hand that day, I wish i had the words to say,
As we walked in the sand to play
I don't know if I was wrong or my thing was just off,
But now it's gone away

And maybe you'll just pick up that line,
show me that you still have the time
To prove you'll never fade away

I got one last declaration, Im through with moment chasing
Looking back is just a fools game
There's no swinging for the fences,
or dreaming of new adventures
Let it all come what may
Track Name: 88 reasons
I got 88 reasons to wake up and smile
Took 88 steps to walk that lonely mile
took 88 knocks upon you r front door
It was the 88th time you told me you don't love me no more
So I took 88 bullets, put them in my gun
took seven to drop her, now there's 81
Let one off in the air to know I was alive
few more for the neighbor now there's 75
I started running when I heard those boys in blue
By the time we hit Main St I had 62
there's Seven cops down and Im feeling pretty fine
Couple more shots rang out, now there's 59
Four pigs followed me down a dead end,
Took Two with One Shot, and the other two took ten
there's 48 slugs left and I'm just getting warmed up
Three more for the officer and six more for his Pups
Now I'm feeling the soul, of every man alive
15 for the rookie and the old man took Nine
And Im laughing now as i hear those sirens scream
14 left for the fuzz, the last ones for me
Took 13 shots to get the last ones wheels
Young man got out to draw his gun, but I'd already shot to kill
and I saw it catch him right between the eyes
I smiled hard and shot... I wouldn't let 'em take me alive
Track Name: All over now
Well its all over now, the lessons been written on the wall
I heard the bells ring and the silence they bring,
as Im standing all alone
Have I won or lost? I don't even know anymore
were all the tears shed worth what you said,
When the truth is the fear that we'd known

Still dragging my head, it cuts like a knife on the stone
were all the days wasted, except for what we tasted,
as we sucked the strength from the bone
And Im out on the edge, waiting on your reply
Off in the distance, blink and you'd miss it,
the moments we tried to hide

I'll be riding in the sun as I sit here dying
Im hurt scared bleeding, all emotions are leaving,
with every tear that we're crying
Its out like a light, we're dragging on the very last page
distractions are done, the race has been run,
And the words remain the same